Creafity introduction Video

This section is about the Creafity Introduction Video. Our team have great capabilities and full complement on creating 2D Animations, about any kind of products, brands or projects. Now, we'd like to talk about this specific video and project of our own:

Craft is a profession, depending on the labour rather than capital, which requires education and also handicraft and mastership. These kind of profession's competent is called Crafter.

Carpentry, Show Manufacturing, Jewellery (Jewel Crafting), fabric painting, pottery, ceramics, barbering, coppersmith are the basic examples about Crafting. For someone to become a crafter, he/she'd have a product depends on handicrafting and he/she should have not only the capability to sell also the capability to produce this product.

As for that, is a platform, which transmits these strictly private handicraft products, bringing out by crafters, to masses !